Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan. 31 - Just One - Sweet Life

The world is made up of many beings but all create just one
Just one love
Just one peace
Just one creating all the time.

As we co-create this world we gravitate to each other.
Finding pockets of community strengths that make up a web of Shambala.

Open up and let others in.
Many will come in love
and in peace you’ll feel the strength of each other
and know the earth as one.

Just one is all and all is many.
The web becomes much stronger,
with a joyful exchange of the energy we share,
it just doesn’t get any better!!


Around and around the mystery grows
while in the center the answer knows

It’s all right here within your view
open your heart and let love through


Sweet is the life lived in joy

Compassion can lift a heavy heart
When feelings of anger, despair and frustration call you off your path,
slow down your beating heart and breath

Remember that we are all one
Remember that people do their best
Remember that you have made mistakes
Remember to feel compassion

Compassion for self relaxes your need to judge
Compassion for others comes from lack of judgment

Joy will be yours. Find your joy in compassion. 


Monday, January 30, 2012

Jan. 30 - Wings - Simplicity - Drama

Soar upon the wings attached
to your very soul.
For you can’t help but fuel
the embers in the coal.

Within your heart a burning desire
your path is lit as if by fire.

And lightly blowing
around the space,
the joy you feel
can be seen on your face.

The warmth within spreads out and around you
as the energy becomes all that is you.

From human body to God with wings,
the earth, the heavens and the mind all sings.


“So what do you think, can we make this work?”

This life of ours is truly simple. Yet somehow we feel more importance comes from complications.

How can meaning come from simplicity?

I tell you this: Find comfort in the simple joys, find pleasure in the peace and know beauty in the ease.

For struggle need not be the wave that carries us home.

Joy and compassion will rise us to the crest and carry us to a place of peace.

Give this same grace of compassion to all living things, for with compassion comes understanding and with understanding comes ease …

Ease into a new way of being, of growing and glowing with the spirit of God.


Lets have a party
lets skip and jump

No matter our age
get out of the slump

Whoop and holler
and sing along

Find time to let go, find time to play
or old and decrepit, you’ll just decay

Sing songs of joy
of love and laughter

And we will all live
happily ever after.
“But someone has hurt me? They made me feel bad. I had my whole life planned.”

Yes, it had ‘them’ in it and they were a big part.
They had wrapped themselves around your heart.

So, what do you do now?
How do you feel compassion?

Let go, allow them to leave, to exit your heart.
Life’s all about growing and they served you well.

With compassion realize this for yourself and for others.
In truth you no longer want them to be responsible for your happiness.
In truth only you want that responsibility evermore.

Never again will you give yourself away to such an extent that another is in charge of your joy.
They may aid and inspire but never control.

It is YOU! Empower yourself to allow and be responsible for your own joy.

Had it not been for ‘them’ this you would not know.
Now without ‘them’ you can truly grow.

Say goodbye and thank you … You have served me well.

 A request from self: Let go of the drama

I make it sound so easy, I make it sound a breeze
And let me tell you it can be
both of these.

For life is a mystery, and we are in charge.
So call on the spirits that wander at large.

You are not alone,
spirit surrounds every being
and if you’d open up your eyes it would be you that you are seeing.

You are the master. You run your life
Trust in your wisdom and let go of strife.

I made it sound easy, I made it sound a breeze.
Stand in your power and live your life PLEASE!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan. 29 - Rejoice - Mastery

Open up and allow the human experience
Observe and engage in the game of life 
Be joyous that you have been made aware and know more

Can you see the joy of humankind? We have all been there.
Celebrate our humanity. The basic thread of achieving basic needs.

Glorious it has been to grow as we have created ourselves into more
and more of all that we are.
Joyous is the human who sees himself in all other beings.

Love all parts of human consciousness
For it is a scale of musical bravado unlike anything ever heard.

There is a song and it is ascending
Rejoice and breathe it in for it is your birthright!


You are a Master

Feel it, sweet surrender
Be at peace with all you are

Allow others to withdraw and new beings to gather for you are no longer bound to old patterns
Be your Master self and take along who ever will come
but, don’t allow any to hold you still and never wait for others to catch up!
There is no waiting in Mastery

Be you ---- Be YOU ----- BE YOU

Relax and release all those who are unable to keep up
for it is not your place to coddle.

Stand as an example and let others be.

There is no judgment in this
It just is … 


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan. 26 - Banter - Peace

Banter from a busy mind

“Smart is the one who can sit in stillness”

Busy mind: When I try to sit in stillness my mind knowing of my intent begins a procession of thoughts that can not be contained

“Clever is the one who can still his mind”

Busy mind: When the procession begins I try to focus my intent and call for stillness in my mind but my mind doesn’t seem to listen.

“At peace is the one who allows his process”

Comfort from the breathing mind

The average human breathes 20 times a minute. Breathing in oxygen in exchange for waste (carbon dioxide).

To breathe in air and feel the life it brings to you is more magical then you know. Breathing in brings not only life but the empowerment of all those who have exhaled before. The spirit of each human soul upon this planet has taken in the air. Then it has been sent back out and exchanged/cleaned by nature (Mother Earth, Gaia), but it never leaves the earth. This air circulates around that world – Do you see it is something thing we all share.

In breathing out we expel all that would be unnecessary, releasing what’s not needed. This happens naturally, your body sloughs off the useless air that does not harmonize and detoxifies.

Breathe in and take all that you need.
Breathe out what’s left behind.

Find calm comfort, listen to your breath. It is ancient air that surrounds the earth filled with everything you would ever want to know. Fill your lungs with life, wisdom and knowing and exhale what doesn’t matter.

Your busy mind loves to play this game, it will feel empowered as you breathe.

  • Health in
  • Ill out

  • Wisdom in
  • Dullness out

  • Love in
  • Hate out

  • Abundance in
  • Lack out

  • Strength in
  • Weakness out

Everything is on offer in the air you breathe!

There are so many ways for busy mind to breath. You will love this diversion and it can be played any time day or night.
How many hours of a human life has it been reported that you are waiting?  And what do you do to still your mind during the times that you are resting? Relax into your breathing and take these chances for conscious breath and you will feel peace in your busy mind.

Opportunity lies in your breath; it’s something you can’t do without so you might as well direct it! 



To feel at peace is to experience the grandeur of life.

But what can bring about such peace?

COMPASSION is the key for with it comes:

Understanding – You can place yourself in another’s shoes and know what they are feeling. This may not be you but it might have been, everyone has their reasons.

Trust – Knowing there is a divine plan and within each soul divinity is planted. Everyone does what they do because they think it’s right for them. We all want to feel good but have different ways to get there.

Hope – The knowledge that all can be whole and well, to feel life without pain, to know freedom in mind, body and spirit.

And most of all LOVE -- When you share the rest, when you understand, trust and have hope your compassion is filled with love.

True love = compassion

Once you know compassion you KNOW the grandeur of all we are and can see a spark in every soul.

This is peace!


So not everything will be a rhyme
not everything not every time.

My wisdom can be in prose or not
for I am filled with quite a lot.

My knowledge expands beyond with my mirth
and they will praise your very birth.

A little ditty here and there
it helps to lighten up the air.

But don’t you worry little one
my story tellin’s just begun

Relax your mind and let it out
you’re the vehicle through which I spout.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jan. 25 - Serpent - Ant

Today slips between your fingers like sand yet; another day comes tomorrow and again and again for this is assured. Find peace for you will always be.

Be at peace.

As the coiled serpent wraps around itself again and again it’s touching, knowing, feeling its place around and around seemingly forever.
The reptile generates no warmth but finds it in another. The sun, a rock, a heated space anything warm he may discover.
And as we spin around our time we look for just one thing, the warmth and comfort of the love that only Spirit brings.
The serpent wraps around a rock, we wrap around our thoughts and in the end the warmth we feel will never be forgot. It’s always there to comfort you as steady as the sun, feel its coils wrapping you up around and around again.

Grow to the sun
Grow to the light
Let your thoughts raise you up!

Don’t fear the cold which inspires your growth.
But welcome the warm feeling that supports it.


An ant is a silly little creature, at least it may seem that way.
Incidental to our life each and every day.
Yet an intrical part upon the earth the ant’s role is very big.
We could look into the science book and an explanation it would give.

But can we see the gift that lies in a creature O so small.
It goes about its daily life like it was 10 feet tall.
With no concern for nothing but its own mission upon this earth.
What does it care if we all think it has but little worth?

If you go up a thousand feet or more into the sky above
We would be as small as ants but our hearts are filled with love.

Don’t sell it short this gift you bring for you are much more than ant
You make a difference to this world that other creatures simply can’t.

We are not just marching to natures bidding but creating on our own.
It’s this that makes us humans upon this earth stand alone.

Love the ant
But love yourself much more
And as a lover love other people.
For humankind is who’s in charge.
We are the paint upon the steeple. 


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan. 24 - Sun - Awake

Upon the earth a shadow crawls along the path of SUN.
What does this mean? Does SUN create what we call our time, the passing of the day?

At glance it seems this could be so, yet the shadows change their length
Bestowing short and sometimes long the distance that they lay.

So if it’s not the shadow play that creates the line of time, what else?

The movement of the earth herself or perhaps our own demise?

The body clock, the aging features that surround all things on earth.
A preconception perhaps of life far shorter than it could be.

So, celebrate the ‘time’ we have for there is no true limitation.
It matters not the shadows length or how it crossed the earth.
For in the crossing a coolness is felt which eases the SUN’s bright fury.

Imagine what we all could be if we shined upon the shadow.
Our light is brighter and can outshine the sun and our day could last forever.


I call to you Awake!

Surrender deep to your true self. What comfort you will find in this. Allow the sheets to drop away. Sheets that have blinded you to the magic and wonder of the world. Look around. What do you see? There is more than simple repetition.
Events of grandeur await discovery. Look between societies planned existence, a crack has opened.
No longer content to ‘status quo’ the masses seek more and it is coming, marching down main street a new, less rigid belief system.
Welcome all who hold ideas of love and even those unsure. It is a beginning, a mass transition. The hundredth monkey swings on the bars celebrating evolutions highest possibilities.

Vibrational Increase
Synchronistic Alignment
Joyful Growth
Harmonious Creation

Equaling JOY in its fullest celebration
Go the human!  


Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan. 23 - Intent

A man walks down a path into a forest. The foliage is dense. He looks side to side but only sees thick green shadows, many shades and shapes.
So, he focuses on the path, the brown line that leads him on his way.

He listens but can only hear himself think. Thoughts of the day which had past. Thoughts of his ideas for the future. Yet in between all these thoughts he pauses again and again to connect with the path for this is his guide. Instinctively as if it had no bearing on his journey the path leads the way.

The man looks around again but seeing no change loses focus.

The path remained.

His feet strong and steady on the path, some might say mindlessly.  

But it was with INTENT that he took each step.

His thoughts of past and future fading into the NOW where he found his strength, his power and his confidence.


For his steps met solid ground as his thoughts met no judgment.

His steps met solid ground although his eyes had no clear vision

His steps met solid ground as his ears found no distraction.

Allowing, trusting – knowing, believing


In the now he found his way and came out the other end.

And all his dreams, they flourished there, for it was meant to be.

His intent was clear. His intent was true. He simply walked along the path and his intent had led the way! 


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jan. 22 - Magic

Magic ….. is embedded in the fabric of life. 
It is the mystery that keeps the mind engaged.
Don’t sell it short or call it off.
Run with it and allow it

It = Magic, Miracles, Wonder

Friday, January 20, 2012

Jan. 20 - Star - String

Upon the planet rested a star
it could not shine, not very far

The planet bolstered its every strength
to help the star to shine it’s length

But although the planet did its best,
the star did nothing but to rest.

Yet in the strength the planet gave,
the star was able to be brave.

The planet worked, the star it rested
And in the end they were both invested.

Does it matter who worked the hardest?
Does it matter who had started?
For both had grown from what was done.
And, therefore both of them had WON!


We are so much more than we can ever know for in this earthly body lies divinity.

When looking at Mother Earth/ Gaia – we wonder at the brilliance. Talking of the balanced harmony that creates splendid beauty. An intrinsic beauty which could only be inspired by God – yet defined by a physical sphere upon which we live. 


Start to pull me up a string.

You hold on tight for you feel a truth.
When following inner guidance some things become abstract, vague.
One minute a pillar the next water under the door.
How can you hold such fluid concepts?
Your mind seeks truth but finds it in ways that are not defined. Ways that do not always follow the cultural norm.
So how do you find stability and maintain your spirituality?
It’s an ebb and flow, a coming and going for to be in the space of spirit for too long makes you apathetic towards the ‘real’ world in which you are living.
Yet, being too long in the world manifested before you, you lose sight of spirit and the meaning is lost.

It’s a balance … a walk on a tight rope stretched between worlds of what is manifesting in your physical being and your spiritual knowing.

Being + Knowing = Mastery
Body + Mind = Spirit 



Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jan. 19, 2012

Once upon a time, there was no time.
The feeling, the space, the energy was one. A little girl walked out upon a field and raised her hands up to the sky, “I am all of this” she said knowing the truth of it, and with that she became a master!
For we all are masters of our own reality yet to be claimed.
It is simple from the perspective of a child yet complex from space of ADULT.
Even in your adult state lies the seed of the child. You feel it, remember it.
The vulnerable place of trust and belief in your guidance.

1.    A simple exercise is to grab a crayon (pencil, pen or marker of any color) and scribble. Allow and feel the perfection of innocence.

2.     Spin yourself in circles - round and round. A silly, stupid thing that brings JOY! Float in your mastery upon the clouds of divine inspiration. Allow yourself to be anything.

3.      Clap your hands to the beat of your heart, clap, skip and jump to the rhythm. Feel the JOY! Move your body.

To play is to be alive. Reinvent the child within. Know the master. Remember your name!


Forever we feel the call to source poking, needling – “something’s here, something’s here”

Stop and listen for a story is being told. A story of a time when dreams were free and enchantment ran amuck! ‘Pick me’ the story line called. We were young and the road ran in myriad directions.

Why did we think we had to choose for changing never changes and can always be done.

Don’t hold on to stiff ridged standards. Allow yourself to be – allow yourself to change, to grow and become.

The world awaits, for you are the painter of this masterpiece which is your life! 


Awaken you little tiny seed 
felt both in mind and heart. 
For you are not just a seedling 
but a great gigantic start.
An epic voyage – a journey 
to thoughts seemingly far away.
To lands that lie inside my mind 
And become my me today!


A rich and noble man once said
‘I am greatness because of my deeds’

A poor and humble man once said
‘I am joyful because of my deeds’

And so they were.

Who is the judge but yourself and who cares for the noble or humble, but he who is in that space and judges it against another.

You are the judge. It is you that must find completion in yourself. Beyond compare for the thoughts of both the ‘rich and noble’ and the ‘poor and humble’ have no bearing on the worth of you.

It is as you believe.

So why not believe in your greatness, believe in your joy!
For you are all that! And great, joyful deeds will follow!


Around the corner lies a mystery
In a box, taped up under a table.

You look and ponder ….. ‘is it worth it?’
How can you know for it is a mystery.

Desire drives the mind to seek
Mystery drives the mind to wonder

But what is it that drives the mind to action?
Knowing that something will be found!