Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan. 29 - Rejoice - Mastery

Open up and allow the human experience
Observe and engage in the game of life 
Be joyous that you have been made aware and know more

Can you see the joy of humankind? We have all been there.
Celebrate our humanity. The basic thread of achieving basic needs.

Glorious it has been to grow as we have created ourselves into more
and more of all that we are.
Joyous is the human who sees himself in all other beings.

Love all parts of human consciousness
For it is a scale of musical bravado unlike anything ever heard.

There is a song and it is ascending
Rejoice and breathe it in for it is your birthright!


You are a Master

Feel it, sweet surrender
Be at peace with all you are

Allow others to withdraw and new beings to gather for you are no longer bound to old patterns
Be your Master self and take along who ever will come
but, don’t allow any to hold you still and never wait for others to catch up!
There is no waiting in Mastery

Be you ---- Be YOU ----- BE YOU

Relax and release all those who are unable to keep up
for it is not your place to coddle.

Stand as an example and let others be.

There is no judgment in this
It just is … 


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