Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb. 16 - The Brain - Transformation


‘How do I know which side of the brain I am using?’

Listen to your right brain for it always tells the truth.
How do I know it’s my right brain for I haven’t any proof?

Your right brain is a feeler, it leads directly to the heart.
An idealistic lover, seemingly not so smart.

To trust this part inside you and allow yourself the truth,
often feels much harder as you journey from your youth.

But then you get much older and feel your old friend has returned.

You’ll find your right brain’s been there all along,
you had just stopped listening to its song

The space between the young and old need not be as I have recounted

Still your mind and listen and let your feelings be your guide.
Your spirit will be exulted by having both brains on your side.


A caterpillar scurried along a sleek tree branch. She had eaten leaves along this same branch many times. The connection between this caterpillar’s little feet and the bark upon the branch was strong. An energy passing between confirmed this familiarity. Neither the branch nor the tree which, the branch was connected to, felt hardship of any kind at having their leaves nibbled upon by their caterpillar friend.

Freedom was shared and felt between them all because the trust was strong. Nothing would be used that wasn’t needed. Only the necessities would be devoured and devoured they had been, those leaves upon the tree. Some so much so, that they could not remain and released their hold upon the tree allowing their skeletal remains to float away. It was a selfless act but easily done with no expectation of anything in return. Appreciation and joy was in the offering. So joyous was the caterpillar for such abundance that need and want never crossed her mind, never wanting, all was provided.

But on this day as our caterpillar friend scurried on her way with no thought of leaves nor branch nor tree crossing her determined mind. For something from a higher power called, ascending was by design. Twisting, turning, working hard on an objective not too clear but knowing that the call was heard, her mindless actions followed. Allow and trust - she had no doubt and hid herself away in the dark and when she woke she found herself the same in a different way. A simple creature yet so complex the transformation of life, when she woke she had wings to spread.

Her beauty was astounding, once dried by the wind she graced the tree and danced around its branchy countenance. In joy the celebration was emanated world wide, for this little friend of ours had ascended and with trust she flew along her way, wordlessly appreciating the tree forever.

Our transformation can be as simple. Let go and feel the joy, follow your truth and trust that all will be provided. The tree gives with no expectation, no thought of not but giving. Spirit does the same and compounds this with love so, allow and accept this gift. Nothing more is needed than to listen for the call. With compassion strong and your soul alight, feel your wings for ascension is assured. 


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