Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dec. 14 - Insights on the Tragedy of Sandy Hook

A planted seed begins to sprout, vibrating with infinite possibilities. It emanates vitality and growth. An inspiring life force which brings about an optimistic confidence in a future that is assured. 

Within this physical 3D our sight is often grounded. To see the spark of an entire newly planted garden diminished with seeming disregard fills the mind with unanswered questions and a sense of doom.  

Lay these troubled questions to the side and feel your way to understanding.

The pain of one child has been amplified in the deaths of many others. 

Be still and know that we are one, for unity will spark the healing and with this healing all humanity will grow in consciousness towards the Divine. This powerful and courageous gift of life which serves to teach a higher wisdom SHOUTS to the world.

Choose compassion; choose love for every sprouted being. 
In their lack of growth the planet changes. 
A togetherness becomes inspired.   

Closer to True Peace.

Closer to Unconditional Love. 

Accept that we are both sides of the coin. The rage and the love that calms it. 

Moving forward in trust with God in universal wellness and the acceptance of one another. Grieve the loss but allow the lesson;

‘Life is Eternal, Consciousness is Awakening, Hate is not who we are!’ 

As more seeds are planted the garden will become stronger when fertilized with love, understanding, appreciation and most importantly at this time, compassion. Elevate the sacrifice which strengthens our unity. 

Let the loss be commemorated, let the grief serve us all as a compost or catalyst which activates a better world, brightening our garden in the future. 


Friday, December 7, 2012

Clever Mind - Spirit - Greatest Creator - Hallelujah

The Clever Mind

Clever mind can run you wild, predicting many things.
It tells you this and tells you that, a wealth of knowledgeable things.

But who is listening to this voice that rationalizes its truth?
Who is the one who gives it merit, pays such heed giving it its worth?

Your Spirit knows while the mind keeps rambling.
Your Spirit knows while the mind says differing things.

Silence the mind; use it for clever figuring, making plans and calculating sums.
But stop it there; stop the unending chatter, for your life it may think that it runs.

A higher consciousness lives within your Spirit, soaring on high.
So, still your mind and rest assured that God’s spark is in your eye.

See the world with your loving heart and let the mind be still.
For this will open you up to the joy of living your free will. 


Your Spirit never ages, for youth lives in the soul.
Let go of ridged genres that don’t allow you to grow.

Allow your chakras to remain open, let energies flow to and fro.
Embrace the magic of your earthly home, while letting your Spirit grow.

You are much more than flesh and blood, you know this in your bones.
You know this truth, there is more to you, accept that you have a soul.

Celebrate your freedom, your enchanted holy being.
God lives within and all around, stop pretending you’re not seeing.

Feel your way; allow your heart to open big and wide.
Accepting yourself and all others, let compassion be your guide.

The veil is all but lifted to let your spirit soar.
Embrace the truth of oneness, let your intentions all be pure. 


Silly, silly, silly, there is wisdom in the absurd.
Push edges, challenge the mind, and question every word.

Grant a thought and fly it free, allow your mind to wander.
And if it finds a stable place you’ll then begin to wonder.

Minds are made to you help out, not to lead you on your way.
Your Spirit, your Soul a higher power is the one who saves the day.

Praise the brain for helping out
Embrace the Soul you can’t live without. 


The Greatest Creator

So many times you came to me,
to make life seem true.

Someday you’ll see that you’re the one,
you are creating what you do.

Keep on dreaming BIG let your heart be alive
Let your mind fancy any new thing.

For you are the wonder, that makes life tick.
You’re the greatest creator that exists.



My God what a pleasure it is to live this life.
A life that you freely gave.
Filled with wonder and mystery when looked at with love.
Let us surrender the mastery for it lies within. 
Thank you, Thank you for all your Love,
for your unconditional grace.
As we live together, when we live in peace,
understanding will be what saves!


Wide Birth - Quick Prayer - You are You - Numbers

Wide Birth

Do not be quick to judge yourself or others, give your intuition wide birth.

Suppose you never could look back.
Judging yourself only for the moment, would your actions change?
Present moving into the future.
‘Now’ reaching out into an ever expanding new moment 
which is continually ‘Now’; and again.

Living in this moment stands as your reward for a well lived past.
Colossal mistakes will lose their power releasing shadow and doubt.

Forgive yourself and embrace the new you who shines upon this moment.
Live your life in love with compassion for all, including yourself.

Begin anew and if you stand in a shadow, release all things that draw you back.
In the new, simply start again.

Would be mistakes will be sorted; penance will be made with attention to only your now.
When now sits in forgiveness, and action springs from love, clouds move from your eyes
and perception is ordered towards creation and your journey begins.

Spring free in the moment to be all you are, God’s child and co-creator.
Feel your intuition and allow your guidance wide birth!


A quick prayer …..

Some more, some more, just bring it on.
I’m open and willing and appreciating!
I see my life an enchanted path,
Delivering abundance which I’m co-creating!


 You are You

Be who you are for you are you,
Represented by the things you do.

Don’t pretend to be, or do, or have,
But, be mindful of your truth in how you behave.

Believe, be strong and sing your song.
Only you can know if you are wrong.

Don’t let the eyes of others make a dent.
But, through your eyes see compassion that is heaven sent.

Light shines when love leads the way.
Focus on your truth, no matter what they say.



Numbers are a way to see,
all the things that you can be.

Add up the numbers that are your birth date,
to see the you that you can create.

For though there are no predetermined ‘Have Tos’,
the potentials will be evident, and then it’s up to you.