Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan. 26 - Banter - Peace

Banter from a busy mind

“Smart is the one who can sit in stillness”

Busy mind: When I try to sit in stillness my mind knowing of my intent begins a procession of thoughts that can not be contained

“Clever is the one who can still his mind”

Busy mind: When the procession begins I try to focus my intent and call for stillness in my mind but my mind doesn’t seem to listen.

“At peace is the one who allows his process”

Comfort from the breathing mind

The average human breathes 20 times a minute. Breathing in oxygen in exchange for waste (carbon dioxide).

To breathe in air and feel the life it brings to you is more magical then you know. Breathing in brings not only life but the empowerment of all those who have exhaled before. The spirit of each human soul upon this planet has taken in the air. Then it has been sent back out and exchanged/cleaned by nature (Mother Earth, Gaia), but it never leaves the earth. This air circulates around that world – Do you see it is something thing we all share.

In breathing out we expel all that would be unnecessary, releasing what’s not needed. This happens naturally, your body sloughs off the useless air that does not harmonize and detoxifies.

Breathe in and take all that you need.
Breathe out what’s left behind.

Find calm comfort, listen to your breath. It is ancient air that surrounds the earth filled with everything you would ever want to know. Fill your lungs with life, wisdom and knowing and exhale what doesn’t matter.

Your busy mind loves to play this game, it will feel empowered as you breathe.

  • Health in
  • Ill out

  • Wisdom in
  • Dullness out

  • Love in
  • Hate out

  • Abundance in
  • Lack out

  • Strength in
  • Weakness out

Everything is on offer in the air you breathe!

There are so many ways for busy mind to breath. You will love this diversion and it can be played any time day or night.
How many hours of a human life has it been reported that you are waiting?  And what do you do to still your mind during the times that you are resting? Relax into your breathing and take these chances for conscious breath and you will feel peace in your busy mind.

Opportunity lies in your breath; it’s something you can’t do without so you might as well direct it! 



To feel at peace is to experience the grandeur of life.

But what can bring about such peace?

COMPASSION is the key for with it comes:

Understanding – You can place yourself in another’s shoes and know what they are feeling. This may not be you but it might have been, everyone has their reasons.

Trust – Knowing there is a divine plan and within each soul divinity is planted. Everyone does what they do because they think it’s right for them. We all want to feel good but have different ways to get there.

Hope – The knowledge that all can be whole and well, to feel life without pain, to know freedom in mind, body and spirit.

And most of all LOVE -- When you share the rest, when you understand, trust and have hope your compassion is filled with love.

True love = compassion

Once you know compassion you KNOW the grandeur of all we are and can see a spark in every soul.

This is peace!


So not everything will be a rhyme
not everything not every time.

My wisdom can be in prose or not
for I am filled with quite a lot.

My knowledge expands beyond with my mirth
and they will praise your very birth.

A little ditty here and there
it helps to lighten up the air.

But don’t you worry little one
my story tellin’s just begun

Relax your mind and let it out
you’re the vehicle through which I spout.


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