Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb. 8 - Never Alone - DNA

I want to believe but others look upon me and I pull back, afraid to loose, afraid to be alone.”

You are never alone. If all others withdrew you would still have yourself to talk to and in that, God stands at the door.
Spend more time alone and you will see for yourself, you are surrounded by divine beings, one of which is you. All of which can comfort and inspire.
Listen to the inner guidance you receive. There are many gathered to aid in your process of evolution, for in you all are manifest. Do you see the entanglement of us all with the all of all that is?

You are not crazy. You are not mad.

You are awakening to limitless possibilities, to a feeling of universal truth, the truth of oneness we share with all others and God.
What a happy bunch! Celebrate our greatness.
Like minded beings will be gathering together and we will transcend our physical bounds.
Allow, support and gather.
In truth we are always together. You are never alone!


“What about DNA?”

It’s true we are much more than flesh and blood. We have DNA and within this lies the universe!
Yes, within you is a space so tiny it is as big as forever.
Seems strange?
Transcendental is our lot. The small goes on forever as does the large. In the cosmos and the microscopic an ‘end’ cannot be found.  
Why is this? Because forever loops around.
Growing, becoming, enlarging and shrinking. This is a world in motion an eternity that is alive.

How can we wrap our minds around such vibrant concepts?
Feel it and you will ‘know’ Sense the fluid movement. Our DNA never rests it is always renewing, creating itself and becoming more. Science can find all this but it is your knowing that makes it real.
With in this process is a secret that can no longer be kept still. Divinity lies within! See yourself as the source. Celebrate God within, become all that you are.
It is inevitable for we are evolving and our true nature will be revealed. Oneness will be known.


Winding twisting and making more
DNA lives in our core

To magic and wonder it is the key
For we are so much more than what we see

Talk to yourself and listen too
There is so much more that you can do

A whisper in a quite place
Discovery in such a tiny space

Where God, our history, our true self sits
Awaiting your call to begin to assist

For you are in charge, you run the show
Wakeup your makeup and let yourself grow.


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